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The Bud Bowl
This ficticious football game was created by Curious Pictures for DMB&B and Anheuser Busch. Airing during the prime Super Bowl timeslot, the pre-game commercials had already made the Bud Bowl a sensation.



The players were created by stop motion photography and the games were filmed using fly-through, motion controlled cameras. The stadium was built in scale with a real bottle of Bud and filled the largest film stage.



The bottle labels, helmets, signage, scoreboard, and the playing field were 2D graphics applied to the models. I created helmet logos, beauty bottle labels, signs and art for the scoreboard.




The players were hot glued to armature wire to hold various positions so I had back up props in case we needed to swap damaged labels. The "fans" were cans with 'beauty" labels on the ones that were closer to the camera.



The Production Studio
Graphics and beauty props: Kathy Konkle
Produced by: Steve Oaks
Stop motion animation: John Macnamara

The studio: Curious Pictures